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Podcast: Worship Leading and Song Writing with Mars Coleman

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Mars Coleman knew he wanted to be a gospel artist by age four. By age eleven, he was directing the choir and became a worship leader at age sixteen. In his twenties, he joined an internship at an Assemblies of God Church and moved to Oklahoma, where he was surrounded by many different church denominations.

Staying Authentic in Worship

Mars attributes his style and authenticity in leading worship to the influence of his parents, specifically his mother who was the same person both on stage and off stage.

Identity is not in worship leading or other talents. Identity comes from Christ and what he has done for us through the gospel. When this is the foundation for one’s identity, an individual cannot help but be the same person in or out of the spotlight.

Worship plays a unique role in a worship service that requires a response – whether that be conviction over sin or joy in what God has done – worship demands a response that prepares the congregation’s hearts to receive the Word of God as it is preached. The same is true of the worship leader.

Preparing Songs for Worship

A Sunday morning worship set will look different than song sets for a kids summer camp. A worship leader also considers the culture of a specific church (hymns or traditional). Most important in preparation is prayer in submission to God.

The Importance of Accountability

As a worship leader who travels often, Mars believes it is important it is important to have a home church that keeps him accountable and provides support and community. The church is involved in his life, and his pastors continue to give him guidance and counsel.

Song Writing

A lot of Mars’s writing comes from chasing trails and sparks of inspiration.

The concepts and trials described in songs were often relevant to Mars as he wrote lyrics. All of the songs are saturated in and inspired by Scripture.


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