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The Puritans and Spiritual Dryness: Recap

This three-part series titled “The Puritans and Spiritual Dryness” has attempted to explore how the Puritans battled spiritual dryness/depression.

The first article, “Hope in God and His Word,” explored the necessity and authority of Scripture in the Christian life. Puritans especially were known for their high esteem for Scripture. We can learn much from them in our modern-day context of mega-churches and a “light and easy” Christian message.

The second article, “The Sinfulness of Sin,” focused on the Puritans’ understanding of sin and its effect on their relationship with God. For Christians to have a flippant attitude towardsin is not biblical. Instead, because of the grace and mercy of God, Christians are free to acknowledge their deep depravity before a loving and forgiving God who justifies sinners.

Finally, the article titled, "The Issue of Holiness" sought to explore the Puritans theology of holiness and how holiness and joy go together. Holiness is not devoid of joy - nor joy devoid of pursuing holiness. Both of these aspects of the Christian life are beautifully combined in the gospel of Christ.

My hope with this short series is to encourage exploration of the Puritans’ approach to theology and to foster a deeper love for God and his Word.

Recommended Resources

Finally, the book this series has been based on, “Thriving in Grace” by Joel Beeke

Brittany Proffitt lives in Dallas and is a writer and content manager for So We Speak.


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