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Podcast: The Book of Numbers

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When people hear the book of Numbers in Scripture, they most likely groan. So many laws and stories are intertwined that it can feel like a daunting book. And it is a daunting book. However, it is important to understand how this book advances the redemptive story of God throughout Scripture.

The original Hebrew name given to this book is translated “in the wilderness” (Hebrew: Ba-med-bar). The editors of the Septuagint named it “Numbers” because of the census taken in the first several chapters.

The Israelites in Numbers are the sons and daughters of the first generation to come out of Egypt. Numbers chronicles their lives in the wilderness and is filled with stories of God disciplining and protecting His people.

We also learn from this book how seriously God takes personal and corporate holiness. God’s people are to be set apart and obedient to their Lord, who saved them from sin by the precious blood of Christ.

Brittany Proffitt lives in Dallas, TX, holds a BA in Religion, and is a student at Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary. She is passionate about Scripture and how God’s Word impacts individuals’ hearts and lives.


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