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Podcast: Rules for Reformers and Doug Wilson

Updated: Oct 18, 2023

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What are Christians trying to do in the culture? What is the role of apologetics? What are we trying to accomplish with engaging the secular world?

While Christians cannot engage with the culture the same way secularists do, Christians have a wide array of tools to use in engaging the culture. God has not left us without tools in our toolbelt.

Wilson pushes home the point that religion trumps culture, culture trumps politics. Culture is downstream from religion. What a culture worships defines the morality (or lack thereof) in that culture. The most consistent way to be a Christian in our ever-changing Western culture and how we can best influence a culture is to be based in Biblical principles. Our allegiance is ultimately to our Lord, not to the ever-changing tide of what our culture says is true.

Religion and Politics

Our religion influences our lives and that flows into how we vote in elections. The same is true for those on the political left – they have a religion. The LGBTQ+ movement is not just a movement; it is a religion. What one believes internally shows itself in what one stands for in the political realm. Fighting a political battle is way downstream. The core cultural battle is a battle of religion. It’s not a question of whether morality will be in the public square, but which kinds of morality.

All the upheaval we have seen in the past few years are Christian topics dealing with equality, justice, etc. God does care about justice in the public square. Goodness, truth, beauty, charity, humility… all these qualities should be seen in society, but the definition of what these words mean has been drastically changed by the ungodly.

The Importance of Family

Kids reap the effects of the culture wars more than any other demographic. In looking at the issues in culture such as abortion, transgenderism, justice, etc., it becomes obvious that these are issues directly involving and targeting children – especially the public school system.

If the culture war is aimed at children, Christian should double-down and get serious about investing in children through the means God has given in Scripture. Christians are called to nurture a godly Christlike environment in their homes for the raising of godly children.

Final Thoughts

Christians often say we believe things, but Wilson challenges us to live out those convictions both in the home and in the public square. This is how change is pursued. The things that are becoming social norms are drastically opposed to the things of God. It is in this culture that Christians are called to live out their faith in all aspects of life. Through this small seemingly insignificant battle – the battle with our own sin – we begin to engage the culture.

Brittany Proffitt lives in Dallas and is a writer and content manager for So We Speak.

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Sep 27, 2023

thank you so much for the intro to: Doug Wilson so much needed content!

anita kay

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