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Podcast – Objections: Science and Faith

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Can you believe in science and still be a person of faith? 

If you do accept that the world is becoming more scientifically advanced, it does warrant an explanation of why the world is simultaneously becoming more religious. 

Why would someone believe science and faith are incompatible? 

The best arguments for the incompatibility of science and faith are anecdotal. It’s not based on an argument. It’s based on presumptions. 

For example, a scientist could say that the earth is very old, while Scripture seems to indicate the earth is only a few thousand years old (based on the interpretation). Schools teach that the universe is a byproduct of random chance while the Bible teaches that God created the universe in six days. In the secular world, Christianity is often severely downplayed and wrongly described as consisting of extreme conspiracy theorists and flat-earthers.

Culture picks the worst possible representation of Christianity and bases its view of all of Christendom in that negative light. 

The Scientific Method and Christianity

The scientific method focuses on proving a hypothesis–whether something is true or false. If the outcome can neither prove nor disprove a hypothesis, it is not a scientific statement of fact whether positive or negative. From this perspective, Christianity fits better into the scientific method because it is based on a factual historical event–the birth, death, and resurrection of Jesus Christ. 

Science cannot prove evolutionary humanism–there is no statement of fact from the scientific method that leads to the belief in macro-evolutionary processes as an explanation for how we got where we are today. 

Science is limited in its capacity to dictate reality. It’s a great tool but a poor and inadequate master for answering the hard and deep questions of life. Science, in its proper place, is a great servant that can lead to greater worship of God. 

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Brittany Proffitt lives in Dallas and is a writer and content manager for So We Speak.


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