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Our Top Posts of 2020

This has been our best year at So We Speak. We've added writers, editors, readers, and we've published some fantastic writing. Here are our most popular and most important posts of 2020.

How to Live Without Fear” - The most common command in the Bible is do not fear. How can we live this way in the midst of a pandemic?

Never Trump, Never Biden, or Neither? - How should Christians view single-issue votes, political candidates, and the Never Trump movement?

The Hashtags and the Movement- George Floyd’s death and the protests that followed marked a new era in the racial reconciliation movement in America. Should Christians support Black Lives Matter?

Intent, Context, and Racial Reconciliation- Can we forgive each other for racist comments? Biblical reconciliation has so much to offer in a world full of controversy with very little grace.

What does the Bible Teach about Church Membership?- Is church membership biblical? How are we called to live together in Christian community?

Possibility and Actuality: Kamala Harris and Religious Conservatives- What will a Biden-Harris administration mean for conservative Christians?

What Might Be Missing in Your Faith” - Christianity isn’t just a list of rules or insurance from Hell. We believe that through Christ we have already been reconciled to God. Our relationship with him is restored, healed, and the center of our lives.

Church(es) and State(s): When Should Churches Defy the State?” - The coronavirus restrictions have forced us to grapple with the separation of church and state. How and when should churches defy their mayors and governors?

What Makes Me More Like Him? Christians and Virtue- How can we grow to be more like Christ. This initial post and Ben Williams’ whole series on the Christian virtues shows us how to grow into the image of Christ.

Faith in What? Trust in Times of Trouble - The most significant thing about our faith is what we trust in. What kind of faith can get us through tough times?

Cole Feix is the founder and president of So We Speak.

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