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Masterpiece Cakeshop Back in Court

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Jack Phillips, the Colorado cake baker who was vindicated in the Supreme Court this summer after refusing to make a cake for a gay wedding is back in court. Even after a 7-2 ruling at the Supreme Court, activists continue to frame the Masterpiece Cakeshop case as an instance of discrimination. This time an activist transgender lawyer, Autumn Sardina, repeatedly called the cake shop with increasingly bizarre requests, including cakes with explicit sexual and blasphemous imagery. Despite excellent coverage by the Washington Times, the NYT, Washington Post, and Politico all omitted the fact that Sardina repeatedly harassed the business for over a year, looking for a potential lawsuit. When Phillips refused to make a cake marking the 7th anniversary of her transition, he once again found himself guilty of discrimination in front of the Colorado Civil Rights Commission.

The progressive case is based on keeping free speech on the sidelines this time, arguing the previous Supreme Court ruling was narrow and inconclusive. Despite Justice Kennedy’s reprimand, liberal activist groups believe Phillips should be punished for his beliefs. Conservative groups, including the Alliance for Defending Freedom who will continue to defend Masterpiece, are framing the issue as clear and belligerent discrimination against those who hold historic Christian beliefs about sexuality.

In a nice summary of the issues involved in the case, David French argues that the those involved in attacking Masterpiece Cakeshop, including the Colorado Civil Rights Commission leadership, should be held personally responsible for their own damage and discrimination. Although most Christians are not persecuted for their beliefs, this case is an indication of the visceral hostility facing Christians in certain parts of the country.

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