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Podcast: The Book of Judges with Terry Feix

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Judges is a “degenerative” book. The main theme in Judges is the downward spiral into moral and religious decay. This has significant ramifications for our own lives. The cycle described throughout the book includes religious and moral corruption, punishment, crying out, and rescue. Judges answers the question, “What are people like without God?”

Throughout the book, God picks some surprising people to accomplish His purpose of rescuing Israel from oppression. If God only used perfect people, we might not believe that he could use us, but this book gives us the opposite impression. Judges is real and raw concerning the human condition.

The downward spiral Israel experiences is a natural consequence of rebellion against God. Israel is commanded to be a light to the nations – something they cannot do due to their own depravity. Israel declined morally and religiously to the extent that they eventually became like the world around them. Yet God was patient and faithful with His people, preserving the line of Jesus the Messiah for our salvation.

See yourself in this book – see your sinfulness and your need of a Savior. See God who is patient and merciful and gracious towards you in your sinfulness. Beware of idols in your own life – of replacing God with other things. Keep watch over your heart and soul – that you do not enter into the downward spiral of serving the world rather than God.

Brittany Proffitt lives in southern Ohio and holds a BA in Religion. She is passionate about Scripture and how God’s Word impacts individuals’ hearts and lives.


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